20100830 give の用法#33_(行為など) を加える(4)



give の用法#33_(行為など) を加える(4)



2. 接触後の処置:

・airing: Open windows in the morning to give the room a good airing.
Babynet storyview

・bath: For baby and mommy, it can be scary to give baby a bath for the first time.
How to Give a Baby a Bath « Ella Sepulveda

・brushing: Since many germs and bacteria live on the tongue, don't forget to give it a good brushing.
How to Brush a Baby’s Teeth | eHow.com

・polish: Finally, give your bronze a polish with a chamois.
(Sculpture: principles and practice, Louis Slobodkin)

・paint: Many people tastefully decorate their homes, but hesitate to even give a fresh coat of paint to their bathroom.
Bathroom Paint Ideas

・wash,wax: It'll only take you 15 minutes to give your car a "wash" and "wax."
(車の「洗浄」と「ワックス」にかかる時間はほんの 15 分程度です。)
Waterless Car Wash» Optimum No Rinse

【研究】1. 基本動詞辞典には、本用法における clearing が挙げられていますが、Google 検索でのヒットはほとんどありません。2. paint の場合、coat of あるいは a + 形容詞 + coat of を伴います。

3. 思考・検証:

・thought: "We really need to give the matter a thought," he said.
Energy Bangla

・examination: After he calms down you can give him an examination, check for injuries, and also check inside his beak for any growths, or anything that looks abnormal.
Found A Pigeon That Won’t Leave - Pigeon-Talk