20100829 give の用法#32_(行為など) を加える(3)



give の用法#32_(行為など) を加える(3)



1. 物理的接触:

・blow: So he again aimed at Bharat to give him a blow with his fist.
HereNow4U.net :: Archive | The Story of Bahubali

・kick: He then gave me a savage kick in the side, and told me to get up. I tried to do so, but fell back in the attempt.
(Black voices: an anthology of African-American literature, Abraham Chapman)

・knock: I calmly walked up and gave the door a knock.
Thoughtsarizen and Simple Thoughts - Thoughtarizen - Hip Hop for your mind and spirit.

・pat: Once this had eased his fathers mind he gave him a friendly pat on the back and said: "Well, forget it, let's go have dinner..."
The King is alive!

・pull: She gave the door a pull, but it didn't budge. She tried to push, but it was as if it were bolted shut.
Outbreak By Robin Cook

・punch: I gave him a light punch on his shoulders. He gave a fake shout.
no title

・push: She smiled at me, and gave me a light push towards the door.
Impossible to Love Without You: Ryan Sheckler: A Most Falling Dinner - Story | Get More Stories at Quizilla

・slap: She seemed puzzled when he gave her a hearty slap in return.
(それを受けて、彼は愛情を込めて軽くたたくと、彼女は困惑した表情を浮かべた。) (Mind Games, Jeanne Marie Grunwell)

・rub: When the cat finished eating it sauntered over and gave Bob's leg a glancing rub.
WDS Mini-Chap--Daryl Scroggins