20100831 give の用法#34_(行為など) を加える(5)



give の用法#34_(行為など) を加える(5)



4. 「表情」「身振り」「伝達」:

・call: A university friend, who I haven't seen for the last 12 years gave me a surprise call!
(12 年間会っていない大学時代の友人から突然電話があったんです!) http://yeknee.com/

・glance: I gave him a sly glace and grabbed the ball from near his feet.
emperess of gib and gab: December 2006

・look: She gave Lissa a panicked look.
Fanfic: Vampire Academy Dimitri’s POV Ch 7, Vampire Academy

・nod: Or, she will give a guy a friendly, flirty greeting one day, then give him a slight nod the next.
Why Women Test Men

・simile: I turned around and gave them a simile.
Gone Missing Chapter 6: Cry, a Beyblade fanfic - FanFiction.Net

・wink: She looked me in the eye and gave me a conspiratorial wink as if to say she knew exactly what was going on.
Coming Full Circle Chapter 6, a Twilight fanfic - FanFiction.Net