20100811 give の用法#16



give の用法#16


本日からは一般にはあまり触れられない give の用法を扱います。今回は「(兆候・証拠・時間など) を示す」give の用法です。

・The man was not moving and gave no sign of life. The owner of the car then disappeared.
Suspect in car theft dies

・The watch is reliable, but not valid, since it does not give the right time, but the time it gives it does in a reliable way.
Iris: Likely to be true is not the same as being like the truth

・He gave proof of personal courage in several battles in 1813, and entered Paris in triumph in March, 1814.
(彼は 1813 年のいくつかの戦いで勇敢さを示し、1814 年の 3 月に大勝利でパリに帰還した。)
(The Universal Dictionary of Biography and Mythology, Joseph Thomas)


次回は announce の意を表す give out を扱います。