20100812 give の用法#17



give の用法#17


本日は announce の意味を表す give out を扱います。

・If someone online asks you too many personal questions, be suspicious. Stop talking with them. Don't give out the name of your school.
30 Ways to Stay Safe Online

・She poked the fire again, then added, "I don't usually give my name out to strangers. Most of the folks who used to live here called me Mama Kilina, though, and you can call me that if you need a name."
(The Spell of the Black Dagger, Lawrence Watt-Evans)

・He gave out that his wife had gone on a trip to America and then after a while he said he'd heard that she'd died of pneumonia, and there was much sympathy from his friends.
BBC News | Letter From America | Dot dot dash dash, over and out

【研究】1. give out + 名詞、あるいは give + 名詞 + out の形が取れます。2. that 節も取れます。

次回は、「(会など) を催す」、「(劇など) を上演する」を意味する give を扱います。