20101031 make の用法#42_make as if [as though]



make の用法#42_make as if [as though]


本日は、make as if [as though] の構文を扱います。ここでは扱いませんが、この make の部分に look (~のように見える) や act (~のように行動する) なども使用できます。それでは具体的に見ていきましょう。

・I got up from the sofa and made as if to go out. The Doctor stopped me. (私はソファから立ち上がり出かけるふりをしたが、医者が私を止めた。) Pan, by Knut Hamsun (chapter26)

・He made as though to move away, but I held him tight and soon his squirming was no more. (彼は動くふりをしたが、私は彼をしっかり押さえた。それ以降すぐに彼はもがいて逃げることはなくなった。) [TheDarkGift] "Companions on the Devil’s Road"

【研究】as if [though] + to do...の構文を取れます。

・They made as if they were normal guests. (彼らは普通の招待客のように振舞っていた。) Alleged robbers claim they were kidnapped - South Africa - IOL | Breaking News | South Africa News | World News | Sport | Business | Entertainment | IOL.co.za

・She made as though she was going to head back to the kitchen. (彼女はすぐに台所に戻る素振りを見せた。) no title

・So she made as if she were sick. (それゆえに彼女は具合が悪いふりをした。) Native American Indian Legends - The Skin Shifting Old Woman - Wichita

・I will make as though I were a friend of the maid's father. (私はメイドの父親の友人として振舞うつもりだ。) (The invention of suspicion: law and mimesis in Shakespeare and Renaissance drama, Lorna Hutson)

【研究】①as if [though] + 直説法の名詞節が来れます。②as if [though] + 仮定法の名詞節も可能です。

次回は、be made to do/for... の構文を扱います。