20100930 make の用法#16_(発言・行為など) をする(8)



make の用法#16_(発言・行為など) をする(8)


本日は、「(発言・行為など) をする」を意味する make の最終日です。

2. make が取れる目的語 (a を伴わないもの)

・make haste

Make haste slowly definition: The quickest way to accomplish something is to proceed deliberately.
(make haste slowly の定義: もっとも早く何かを終わらせる方法は、慎重に事を進めることだ。)
Make haste slowly | Define Make haste slowly at Dictionary.com


・make improvement

→Biotechnology enhances breeder's ability to make improvement in crops and livestock.
allAfrica.com: Nigeria: Minister Advocates Biotechnology in Agriculture

・make progress

→To make progress we must remember and learn from the past.
no title

・make preparation(s)

→As the sun went down and the evening chill came on, we made preparation for bed.
(Roughing It,Mark Twain)

→Jennifer Aniston, quietly made preparations for her own brood.
Tidbits: Aniston puts her eggs on ice - Entertainment - Celebrities - TODAYshow.com

・make war

→War makes war, it won't bring peace.
Antiwar Songs (AWS) - War Makes War

次回は、「(人 [物] が) ~をもたらす」を表す make を扱います。