20100929 make の用法#15_(発言・行為など) をする(7)



make の用法#15_(発言・行為など) をする(7)


本日も前回に引き続き、make の用法です。

・make a speech

→I'm the father of the bride and I have to make a wedding speech. I need some help on how to make the right father of the bride wedding speech. I want to make my daughter happy on her special day. Any suggestions on what I should say?
Wedding Speech for YOU - Father of The Bride, Groom, Maid of Honor, Best Man,

・make a start (=start)

→But in 1925, at the age of forty-five, he made a fresh start and had soon re-established himself as a major director.
(しかし 1925 年、45 歳の時、彼は再出発して、すぐに一流のディレクタとしての地位を再び確立した。)
Tod Browning: A History of Horror

・make a statement (=state)

→You are trying to prove that a salesperson made a false statement to induce you to buy a product.
(Represent yourself in court: how to prepare & try a winning case, Paul Bergman,Sara J. Berman-Barrett)

・make a try (=try)

→I made a try even from the command prompt (as administrator) using diskpart.
(diskpart を使用して、コマンド・プロンプトからも (管理者権限で) 試みました。)
Shrink Volume - Vista Forums

・make a turn (=turn)

→If such a sign is present, it is illegal to make a right turn at a red light.
How to Make a Right Turn at a Red Light - wikiHow

・make a venture (=venture)

→If you are a print designer, make a venture into the world of the web.
11 Essential New Years Resolutions For Web Designers In 2010 | Web Design Tutorials and Inspiration | Learn Photoshop Online | Creative Inspiration | Web Resources

・make a voyage

→Christopher Columbus tried for years to make a voyage to what he thought was India, and he was so diligent because he was greedy.
Motives for European Colonization