20100927 make の用法#13_(発言・行為など) をする(5)



make の用法#13_(発言・行為など) をする(5)


本日は「(発言・行為など) をする」make の用法の続きです。

・make an effort

Make a real, serious effort to be in bed by 11pm every single night.
Lizzie’s Home: The Easiest Oven-Baked Frittata You’ll Ever Make

・make an error

→If you make a grammatical error in English, people can probably figure out what you're trying to say.
(Ruby on Rails for Dummies, Barry Burd)

・make a fuss

→I'm disgusted with the fact that people made such a big fuss over Michael Jackson's death and bought all of his CDs, shirts, etc.
(マイケル・ジャクソンの死をこんなに大騒ぎして、実際にやつの CD やシャツなんかを買いまくっているのを見ると嫌気がさすよ。)
Superdelicvixen’s Weblog

・make a gesture

→And he made a threatening gesture to me.
Appointment in Samarra@Everything2.com

・make a journey

→Although he is amongst the best known, Marco Polo is not the only famous world traveler who made a remarkable journey at this time.
In the Footsteps of Marco Polo: A Journey through the Met to the Land of the Great Khan | Explore & Learn | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

・make a mess (=mess)

→So the Mum made a really big mess in the yard last weekend.
Mum Made a Mess « Tatum Tot Spice

・make a mistake (=mistake)

→I made a stupid mistake at work.
Money help: I made a stupid mistake at work. - Help.com

・make a movement (=move)

→He made a sudden movement and frightened the bird away.
(Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary, Cambridge University Press)

・make an offer(=offer)

→We have not made a formal offer yet.
Max Healthcare Institute Limited: Private Company Information - BusinessWeek

・make a reply(=reply)

→She made a brief reply to him. She was tired of talking about this issue.
Untitled - Then angrily rejected the