20100921 make の用法#9_(発言・行為など) をする(1)



make の用法#9_(発言・行為など) をする(1)


本日は、「(発言・行為など) をする」を意味する make を扱います。

・Researchers make an important discovery in the fight against malaria and bacterial disease.
Hope for a Cure in the Compounds « All 2010 News « News « College of Liberal Arts & Sciences « University of Illinois

・Sinclair made a throwing motion with a soda can in his hand but did not toss the can at Williams...
Cops: Man beaten with pipe, answers with machete - Connecticut Post

・At the same time he made chemical experiments.
(Popular Science)

・What error was made in the following HTML code?:
(次の HTML コードではどのような間違いがあるでしょうか。)
(New Perspectives on Creating Web Pages with HTML, XHTML and XML, Patrick Carey)