20100920 make の用法#8_物1が物2になる



make の用法#8_物1が物2になる


本日は「物1が物2になる」を意味する make の用法です。

・Hydrogen and oxygen makes water.
oxygen and hydrogen - Pperoxide Medicine

・In the last chapter we saw how difficult young children find it to link their concrete understanding of number to statements expressed in the abstract language of arithmetic, such as 'One and two makes three', or 'Three take away two leaves one'.
(最終章で、私たちは、数に対する具体的な理解を、抽象的な算術用語の記述 (「1 足す 2 は 3」あるいは「3 引く 2 は 1」など) に結び付けることが、幼児にとりいかに困難かを見てきました。)
(Children and number: difficulties in learning mathematics, Martin Hughes)

・While we were looking for wood to start the fire, we learnt that not every wood makes a good fire.
Into the wild: Our survival training : OrganicVision

・This is not a book which makes pleasant reading for the multiculturalist.
World Islamic Conference - Jordan 22 September 1967

・Its mouth makes a good harbor for sloops.
(A new universal gazetteer: or geographical dictionary, Jedidiah Morse,Richard Cary Morse)

・This makes four attempts to update and all have failed.
(これで 4 回アップデートを試みたことになるが、すべて失敗だった。)
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次回は、「(発言・行為など) をする」を意味する make を扱います。