20100809 give の用法#14



give の用法#14



(10) give ~ a shout:

・And if you are the first to see her, then give me a shout!
(The Open Society and Its Enemies: The spell of Plato, Karl Raimund Popper)

・I hope that the Steve Harvey morning show would be able to give her a birthday shout out.
Eugenes Shout Outs

【研究】1. give ~ a + 形容詞 + shout の構文も取れます。2. shout out のように、out を伴うこともよくあります。

(11) give ~ a touch: 触る

・In this case, maybe you could give her a touch on the hand if you have an interest. See how she reacts to it.
How to Tell if a Girl Likes You | eHow.com

・Similarly, give her a little touch every now and then, but be careful.
Five Ways to Let a Girl Know You’re Interested in Her, with None of This | Quazen

【研究】1. give ~ a + 形容詞 + touch の構文も取れます。2. on the [体の部位] と共起できます。