20100805 give の用法#11



give の用法#11



(1) give ~ a bite: 噛む

・Today we had a really scary experience. My dog gave my daughter a warning bite.
Teaching toddler how to treat our dogs

・Now I'm not the hugest fan of burgers ― I prefer hot dogs ― but I love chorizo, so I will definitely give this cheeseburger a bite.
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【研究】1. give ~ a + 形容詞 + bite の構文も取れます。2. 「噛む」以外に「一口食べる」といった意味にもなります。

(2) give ~ a kick: 蹴る

・She gave him a hard kick in the temple as she went by, nonetheless.
(Princess of Wands, John Ringo)

・One day another boy "gave him a kick on the stomach, which occasioned a great deal of pain."
(ある日、別の少年が彼の腹を蹴り、彼は苦痛で悶え苦しみました。) (Popular Science)

【研究】1. give ~ a + 形容詞 + kick の構文も取れます。2. give ~ a kick in the template [on the stomach など] の構文も取れます。

(3) give ~ a kiss: キスをする

Give her a kiss on the lips. She wants you too.
A Long kiss on the cheek means? - Yahoo! Answers

【研究】1. give ~ a + 形容詞 + kiss の構文も取れます。 2. give ~ a kiss on the lips [on the cheek など] の構文も取れます。