20100724 get の用法#40



get の用法#40


本日は get up の用法を扱います。これには「自動詞用法」と「他動詞用法」があります。

(1) 自動詞用法:

・She got up and began working for us. We went down stairs and had our first food of the day.


・"A storm is getting up, and it's too dark to read. " "Have you found any candles," asked Brown smiling, "among your oddities?"
(The Innocence of Father Brown, G. K. Chesterton)

【研究】「(波や風など) が勢いを増す」を意味します。

(2) 他動詞用法:

・My cat is 7 months old and she would get me up at least every 3 hours and if she was ignored she'd bite my ears.
(うちの猫は 7 ヵ月で少なくとも 3 時間おきに私を起こします。しかも無視すると彼女は私の耳を噛むんです。)
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次回は get に関する雑多な用法を扱います。