201000617 get の用法#5



get の用法#5


本日は「到達」を表す get の用法です。本日は get to を扱います。

(1)一般的な用法 :
・Kiss me just once more before we get there.
The Weeping Fish: Kiss me just once more before we get there

・"This letter got here yesterday. Did you not see it?"
Oh the Awkwardness of Me...


(2)「(所定の場所、時、年齢など) に達する」「~の状態に至る」:
・I'm the type of reader who reads without stopping until I get to the end of the chapter for I don't want to leave the book in the middle.
Second Wind Publishing - Too Many Chapters or Just Right? (showing 1-12 of 12)

・If you are fifteen then be fifteen and do not rush yourself to be eighteen or twenty-one. Chances are pretty high that you will get to twenty-one, thirty-one, and forty-one. So, be patient and do not rush the process.
(今、15 歳なら 15 歳なりに生きなさい。18 歳とか 21 歳の年齢に自分を持っていこうとしてはいけません。あなたが 21 歳、31 歳、41 歳になるころには、今よりももっとチャンスが訪れます。ですから、じっと我慢をして、焦らずに取り組んでください。)
(My Choice - My Life: Realizing Your Ability to Create Balance in Life, Jay M. Greenfeld)

・They got to words and parted for ever.
Full text of ”The John Keats memorial volume, issued by the Keats House Committee, Hampstead”

(3) get to doing:
・I got to thinking about what I had missed.
Loveの無料洋楽歌詞検索|Jackson Browne - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Lyrics 歌詞

次回も引き続き「到達」を表す get を扱います。