201000616 get の用法#4



get の用法#4


本日も昨日の続きで「移動」を表す get の連語を扱います。前回に引き続き解説するため、番号は (3), (4) となっています。予めご了承ください。

(3) get over の比ゆ的用法:
・"I've had all-day sickness and all-night sickness but when I get over all the difficulties it is an absolute miracle," she tells Who, which is out today.
(「朝から晩までずっと体調悪いじゃない。そんなのが全部なくなってしまったら、まさに奇跡よ。」彼女は本日発売の Who 誌でこのように語った。)
Toni Pearen strips to her smalls to show off baby bump | Adelaide Now

・ I finally got over my illness. Then in October I got sick again. I went to the doctor and had another upper respiratory infection.
(ついに病気は治ったが、また、10 月に再び具合が悪くなった。医者に行くと、別の上気道感染だと言われた。)
Respiratory Therapist: Asthma, chest x ray, allergist immunologist

・She never really got over the shock of her husband's sudden death. We all believe that she did not want to live any longer without him and died of a broken heart. I will never forget her words when I informed her of her husband's death.
Chapter Six

【解説】「(困難などを) 乗り越える」、「(悲しみ、病気など) から立ち直る」「(怒りが) 静まる」などを意味します。

(4) get through の比ゆ的用法:
・We finally got through the meal and headed for the door.
no title

・I'd like to share a bit about how I found my position and got through the job interviews.
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・By the time I got through all the money, and the reserve money was all gone!
Mass Save Rebate Program Starts on Earth Day: Reservations Full | NowPublic News Coverage

【解説】「(食事や仕事など) を終える」、「(お金) を使い果たす」などを意味します。

次回からは「到達」を意味する get を扱います。