201000609 have の用法#8



have の用法#8


本日は have O doing の用法を扱います。これは「~させる」あるいは「~させておく」を意味し、have O done 同様、間接的な使役を意味します。それでは具体的に見てきましょう。

(1) 人 + have + 人 + do:
・I still remember when I met him in 2nd grade ― he always had us laughing. He loved to be around people and get a laugh.
(彼に会った 2 年生のときをいまだに覚えているよ。彼はいつも私たちを笑わせていたよね。彼は人の輪の中心にいて、笑いを取ることが何よりも好きだった。)
'Always making us laugh' | Culpeper Star-Exponent

・She soon had her husband eating out of her hand.
IC: How to Train a Husband.... (24)

【研究】have の使用により、動作主の自発的な行動が読み取れます。

(2) 人 + have + 物 + do:
・If you want, you can have the car waiting for you at the parking lot of the airport so you can use it immediately upon setting foot at the city.
Leeds Bradford Airport Car Hire Deals

・The washrooms in our nightclubs get heavily used and we've always had the water running in order to try to combat the bad smell.
Case Histories - Eco-Cube, Ecocube, Natural and Waterless Urinal Cleaning, Water Free Urinals, Waterless Urinals, Waterless Urinals, Washroom Urinals with Biotechnology, Pro-Biotic Water Saving Urinal Systems


次回も have O doing を扱います。