20100820 give の用法#25



give の用法#25



・She did not speak, but she gave him her hand. Then he gave her a kiss, led her forth, lifted her on to his horse, and took her to the royal castle, where the wedding was solemnized with great rejoicings.
Grimms Fairy Tales - The Spindle, The Shuttle, and The Needle

【研究】give + 人 + one's hand で「手を差し出す」「手を委ねる」の意味になります。

・I really enjoyed my stay at the Surtees Hotel in the very centre of London. They gave me a good breakfast and the room was just what I needed.
Surtees Hotel, London

【研究】「(飲食物など) を出す」の意味で用いられることもあります。

・She gave us our coffee black. (彼女は私たちにコーヒーをブラックで出した。)

【研究】give + 人(O) + coffee(O) + 形容詞 (C) の構文を取ります。

次回は 「give + 人 + back + 物」で「返す」の意味を表す give を扱います。