20100730 give の用法#5



give の用法#5


本日は前回の続きで give, take, have の用法を扱います。ここでは give [take, have] a sudden jump の例を挙げて意味の違いを解説します。

(1) give の例:

・He gave a sudden jump unexpectedly to me. I almost lost my seat in the saddle.
Henry Ossian Flipper, The Colored Cadet at West Point by Henry Ossian Flipper - Full Text Free Book (Part 3/7)

【研究】この give は「主語の意思」に関わらず経験するものなので、意思副詞 (intentionally,purposely など)との共起や命令形は取れません。これは基本動詞辞典にも記述があります。

(2) take の例:

・She took a sudden jump and pressed the on button, making it turn on, before turning it off and smiling.
Bleach RPG - Lend of a Hand Love

【研究】この took は「主語の意思」を伴います。

・His heart took a sudden jump, but he forced it back down and shook his head.
Kay David - The Man From High Mountain


(3) have の例:

・I had a sudden jump in popularity with girls at school after that as well.
no title

【研究】1. この took は「主語の意思」を伴います。2. 上記の have a sudden jump は多少意訳しています。

・Recently one of my websites had a sudden jump in rankings for a very competitive keyword.
(最近、私のウェブサイトの 1 つが、非常に競合性の高い語でランキングを上げた。)
SEOmoz Q&A - Sudden rise and then fall in rankings


次回は、give + [同形の動詞を持つ名詞] を解説します。