20100719 get の用法#35



get の用法#35


本日は get down の用法を扱います。これには「他動詞用法」と「自動詞用法」がありますが、用例が多いため 2 回にわたって解説します。本日は「自動詞用法」です。それでは具体的に見てきましょう。

(1) 自動詞用法:

・Officers surrounded the building and spotted a man and a woman on the roof, Martinez said. As officers instructed them to get down from the roof, the woman fell onto the concrete walkway on the side of the store "due to her intoxicated state," he said.
Woman hospitalized after falling from roof | woman, martinez, roof - News - The Orange County Register

・If you were telling a child, a cat, etc to come down from a high place, it would be more common to say "get down from there" , "get down off the table", etc, rather than just "get down" by itself.
(子供や猫などに高い所から降りるように言う場合、単に get down というよりは、get down from there , get down off the table などのように言う方が自然です。)
Means - get down stay down

【研究】1. これは「(~から) 降りる」などを意味します。 2. get down from [off] ...の形を取ります。

・...so when you got down and felt bad, you just had to look around and you would see people in a lot worse condition than you were.
Prostate Cancer Survivors


・get (down) off one's high horse. Fig. to become humble; to be less haughty. It's about time that you got down off your high horse. Would you get off your high horse and talk to me?
(get (down) off one's high horse (高い馬から降りる) ; 比ゆ的; 「謙虚になる」「横柄な態度をとらなくなる」例: そろそろ謙虚になってもいいんじゃないか。私が言うことに耳を傾けて、話をしないか。)
get off high horse - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.



・She decided to focus on her own health, using the principles she'd developed for her clients. She soon got down to a size 4, where she remains today.
(彼女はクライアント用の食事原則に基づいて自らの健康に注意を払うようにしました。すると、すぐにサイズ 4 まで痩せて、今日もそのサイズを保っています。)
Scottsdale Food Delivery by Zipora

【研究】get down to...で「...まで痩せる」を意味します。

・After the most minimal amount of small talk, we got down to business.
The Link Hookup

【研究】get down to... で「(仕事など) に取りかかる」を意味します。

次回は get down の他動詞用法を扱います。