201000623 get の用法#11



get の用法#11


本日は「つかむ」や「捕える」を表す get の用法です。これはいろいろな意味に派生します。それでは具体的に見ていきましょう。
(1) とらえる、捕まえる:
・Some of your classmates have threatened to get you and beat you up on the way home after school.
(KEN RIGBY, K Rigby)

・He got the deer by the hind leg and dragged it to the fence, looking every which way, although everything was quiet and no cars were to be seen in either direction.
PEN American Center - Charles P. Norman: I Wore Chains to My Father’s Funeral

【研究】「get + 対象 + by the + 対象の部位 (体の一部)」で「つかむ」を表しています。これは「部位」ではなく「対象」に重点が置かれています。

(2) 病に襲われる:
・...a kidney illness finally got her but she was always nice to me.
John Cobb Research Blog

【研究】「病気 + get + 人」の構文を取ります。

(3) (弾丸など) が当たる:
・The bullet got him in the back of the head. This means he was running away. If he were attacking his killer, he would have got the bullet in his forehead.
Cameroon-Info.Net :: Buea: Killings Due To Poor Conflict Management

【研究】get + 対象 + in [on] + 対象の部位 (体の一部) の構文を取ります。

次回は「(災いや懲罰など) を受ける」を意味する get を扱います。