201000530 go の用法#13



go の用法#13


本日は go の雑多な用法を集めて解説します。ブログの性質上、基本的なものは抜いてあります。それでは具体的に見ていきましょう。

(1) go doing (愚かにも~する、やたら~する):
・Anyway, I'm not trying to argue with you, just saying you should not go boasting around all over the place.
Battle ON I probably will win [Archive] - Naruto - Collectible Card Game

・Well, you should not go eating a lot of fatty food to get less skinny or anything.
I'm really skinny and want to gain weight but there's never enough food? - Yahoo!7 Answers


(2) have a go at (試しに~をやってみる):
・I decided to have a go at this problem myself, along with the assistance of one of my co-workers.
Reducing trail on a Harley Springer front end. - ADVrider

(3) make a go of (~を成功させる):
・Although he tried hard he was never able to make a go of his business.
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