201000528 go の用法#12



go の用法#12


本日は be gone の用法です。これは完了の「結果」に似た意味を持っています。つまり対象となる時点 (現在・過去・未来) での「状態」に重点が置かれ、 is [am,are] gone は現在完了、was [were] gone は過去完了、will be gone は未来完了に近い意味になります。それでは具体的に見ていきましょう。

(1) (人が) いなくなる、死ぬ:

・My grandfather is gone but his lessons are still very strong in my mind.

・The inspector was gone from the scene between 2 and 3 a.m., taking fire victims to the morgue.
(火災の犠牲者を死体安置所に連れて行っている午前 2 時から 3 時の間、検査官はいなくなっていた。)
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・Lash is gone from Harry's mind, presumably dead.
The Dresden Files - Television Tropes & Idioms


(2)(ものが) なくなる、(季節が) 過ぎる:

・The tumor is gone now, but the cancer still lurks.
Brain cancer can’t dampen his spirit; husband and father keeps in mind all he’s thankful for | Deseret News

・Just a few more weeks and most of the snow will be gone and communication with the outside world will be possible again.
Village in the Afghan snow covered mountains photo - Flying Dutchman photos at pbase.com

・The summer is gone and we have a few nice weeks before it starts to get cold again.
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